Saturday, March 21, 2009

Courtyard House - Ripple Design

Ripple Design projected a courtyard in the middle of the house that reveals itself as a kind of plaza on a micro-urban scale ideal for relaxing or entertaining.

The outside becomes the inside of the house when you open the courtyard doors, that regulate comfort via breezes and heat gain as well as diverse social interactions.

The building reduces the ecological footprint thanks to the way in which the house is nestled into the hillside, the thickening of specific walls and ceilings, the exploitation of dense or reflective materials, the solar cells that heat water and create electrical energy, etc. In fact, the house creates all of its own power.

Stool Designs

Prayer and Meditation Pavilion in Soba, Sudan By Studio Tamassociati.

One of the projects nominated for a Detail Prize 2009, in the Special Prize Architecture Export category, is this Prayer and Meditation Pavilion in Soba, Sudan by Venice, Italy's Studio Tamassociati.

The jury comments:
"The architects have succeeded in creating a neutral place for meditation for all religious and ethnic groups present in the Sudan. Using local materials and a straightforward design, they have built an objective room that has a marked simplicity. This is enhanced by the deliberate use of light and shadow and radiates a calming influence reinforced by the surrounding areas of water. Also praiseworthy is the sensitive use of local materials and design characteristics as well as of local builders."